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Water treatment products


confezione Hudson River

Hudson River

Antifreeze fluid for radiators of vehicles

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Conditioning for boilers

confezione Amin Vap

Amin Vap

Corrosion inhibitor

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confezione Inibitor 203

Inibitor 203

Conditioner for steam and condensate circuits

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confezione Inibitor AC

Inibitor AC

Multi-formulation agent for boiler water treatment

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confezione Inibitor TS

Inibitor TS

All inone product for conditioning of boiler water

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confezione Sequestrol CU

Sequestrol CU

Corrosion inhibitor for copper-containing systems

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Descaling Agent

confezione Chelatron


Sequestering and descaling agent for water circuit

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confezione Chelatron NP

Chelatron NP

Neutral sequestering descaling agent

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confezione Chelatron OSM

Chelatron OSM

Concentrated descaling agent

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confezione Inibitor 202

Inibitor 202

Boiler Water Dispersant

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Oxygen Scavengers/Deoxygenating Properties

confezione Inibitor 207

Inibitor 207

Non-volatile deoxygenating agent

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confezione Inibitor 40

Inibitor 40

Passivating deoxygenant for boiler water

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confezione Inibitor OS

Inibitor OS

Alkalising product for thermal systems

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pH corrector

confezione pH meno

pH meno

Acid pH corrector for process water

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confezione Tampon Wash

Tampon Wash

Alkaline buffering for reverse osmosis systems

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Remove mold, Anti-odour

confezione BLM100


Industrial water treatment

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confezione Sanabas


Treatment of recycling water and industrial tanks

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confezione Sequestrol BIO

Sequestrol BIO

Dispersing anti-scaling for process water

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Reverse osmosis systems.

confezione Chelatron Bio

Chelatron Bio

Demineralised water anti-incrusting antifouling

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confezione Osmo Cleaner A

Osmo Cleaner A

Acid detergent for reverse osmosis

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confezione Osmo Cleaner B

Osmo Cleaner B

Alkaline detergent for reverse osmosis

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Special Products

confezione Floc C

Floc C

Cationic flocculant adjuvant for waste waters

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06 Ottobre 2016
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