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Municipal companies


confezione Protexon


Heat exchange medium for circuit water

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Descaling Agent

confezione Decrost


De-fouling agent with phosphoric acid

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confezione Road Clean

Road Clean

Descaling product for thermal and hydraulic system

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Detergents and Cleaners

confezione Cleansol bg

Cleansol bg

Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

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confezione Depal Low Foam

Depal Low Foam

Low foam cleanser for bedpan washers

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confezione Master Clean

Master Clean

Very Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

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Remove mold, Anti-odour

confezione Biosmel


Biodegradable microbiological complex

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Solvent Cleaners

confezione HB 76

HB 76

Solvent for sealing resins and bitumen residues

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Special Products

confezione Road Stuc Premium

Road Stuc Premium

Two-component epoxy resin kit for repairing cement

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confezione Sepio


Absorbent sepiolite

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confezione Alfalux NON siliconico

Alfalux NON siliconico

Automotive specific NON SILICONE polish

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confezione Alfalux Siliconico

Alfalux Siliconico

Automotive specific silicone polish

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confezione Corona Spray

Corona Spray

Cleaner for textiles, upholstery, carpets

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confezione Cristal Window

Cristal Window

Quick-acting foam spray cleaner

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confezione Cuprum


High-temperature specific grease spray

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Spray Lubricants

confezione Ergon


Unlocking lubricant protective antacid hydrophilic

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confezione Sblocca


Unlocking and protective lubricant spray

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Technical detergents

confezione Ultra


Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

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06 Ottobre 2016
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test news Home care

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web portal

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