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Detergents and Degreasers

Detergents and Cleaners

confezione Cleansol bg

Cleansol bg

Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

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confezione Cleansol bg/A

Cleansol bg/A

General degreaser for the food industry

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confezione Depal Low Foam

Depal Low Foam

Low foam cleanser for bedpan washers

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confezione Deter Tablet

Deter Tablet

Chlorine-based effervescent detergent tablets

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confezione Ecopool


Ecological concentrated multisurfaces detergent

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confezione Garden


Detergent for cleaning burnt oil and fat

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confezione Glossy Steel L

Glossy Steel L

All Purpose Detergent for surfaces

  sheet online  

confezione Master Clean

Master Clean

Very Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

  sheet online  

confezione Pool


All Purpose Detergent for hard surfaces

  sheet online  

Pickling Agents

confezione Decap OT

Decap OT

Pickling degreaser for yellow alloys and steel

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Special Products

confezione Nanotech Solar

Nanotech Solar

Anti-soiling nanotechnology treatment

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confezione Corona Spray

Corona Spray

Cleaner for textiles, upholstery, carpets

  sheet online  

confezione Cristal Window

Cristal Window

Quick-acting foam spray cleaner

  sheet online  

confezione Deter Tess

Deter Tess

Spray cleanser for fabric armchairs

  sheet online  

Technical detergents

confezione Deter Solar

Deter Solar

Concentrated cleaner for photovoltaic systems

  sheet online  

confezione HB 180

HB 180

Cleaner for parts washing machines and ultrasonic

  sheet online  

confezione HB 35

HB 35

Air conditioner batteries specific cleaning agent

  sheet online  

confezione Solfast Spray

Solfast Spray

Spray degreasing agent

  sheet online  

confezione Ultra


Heavy Duty All Purpose Detergent

  sheet online  

confezione Ultrasuoni Detergente

Ultrasuoni Detergente

Cleaner for ultrasonic equipment

  sheet online  

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06 Ottobre 2016
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test news Home care

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