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De-fouling Agent - Acids Cleaners

Coffee machine liquid descaling agent

confezione Decal RC

Decal RC

Coffee machine liquid descaling agent

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Descaling Agent

confezione Beton


Chemical de-fouling remover of cement residues

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confezione Chelatron


Sequestering and descaling agent for water circuit

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confezione Chelatron NP

Chelatron NP

Neutral sequestering descaling agent

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confezione Decalc


Removes limescale from all metals

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confezione Decrost


De-fouling agent with phosphoric acid

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confezione Road Clean

Road Clean

Descaling product for thermal and hydraulic system

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Detergents and Cleaners

confezione Aldex


Brightening acidic cleanser for all metals

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Pickling Agents

confezione Pulgol bg

Pulgol bg

Acid pickling and deoxidizer agent for metals

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Technical detergents

confezione Ultrasuoni Base Acida

Ultrasuoni Base Acida

Acid descaler for ultrasonic equipment

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confezione Ultrasuoni Detergente Acido

Ultrasuoni Detergente Acido

Acid cleaner for ultrasonic equipment

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06 Ottobre 2016
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test news Home care

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web portal

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