immagine sfondo prodotti casa e artigianato
immagine sfondo prodotti  casa e artigianato

Natural and Artificial Stones

Detergents and Cleaners

confezione Marmoclean


Neutral marble cleaner

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Ecological Waterproof Agent

confezione Road Plastic Eco

Road Plastic Eco

Ecological antidust waterproofing agent for cement

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confezione Silipav Eco C

Silipav Eco C

Silicone wet-look ecological impregnating agent

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Pretreatment Cleaning

confezione Granix


Removes limescale, rust from unpolished granite

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confezione Marmosol


Strong marble cleaner

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confezione Petranet


Fast action acid-based stone cleaner

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Protective Waterproofing

confezione Ardesil Plus

Ardesil Plus

Ecological walkable impregnating agent

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confezione Silipav


Silicone wet-look protective impregnating agent

  sheet online  

confezione Tonalizzante


Permanent “wet look” waterproofing agent

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06 Ottobre 2016
test news Home care

test news Home care

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web portal

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