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immagine sfondo prodotti  casa e artigianato

Household Products

Detergents and Cleaners

confezione Antipolvere Roadmaster

Antipolvere Roadmaster

Removes limescale from all acid-resistant floors

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confezione Blumen


Ultra concentrated bio-detergent

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confezione Ceramil


Specific cleanser for ceramic and stoneware

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confezione Kaminel


Product to eliminate soot and carbon residues

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confezione Parquesan


Neutral detergent for wood parquet

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confezione Splendi Vetro

Splendi Vetro

Special cleaner for glass and crystal

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Metal Polishing Products

confezione Abradet Spray

Abradet Spray

Flux polishing metal cleaner

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confezione Argento


Silver polishing cream

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confezione Ottorame


Brass and copper polishing cleaner

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Mould Removal

confezione Metol b18 il Basta Muffa profumato

Metol b18 il Basta Muffa profumato

Perfumed detergent for masonry surfaces

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confezione Basta Calcare

Basta Calcare

Removes limescale from all surfaces

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confezione Splendi Doccia

Splendi Doccia

Cleans and shines shower enclosures

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Odor Treatment - Odour Neutraliser

confezione OdorKill


Environmental odour neutraliser

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Protective Waterproofing

confezione Flashlux Liquido

Flashlux Liquido

Polishes, protects and renews window fixtures

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Removes Limescale Products

confezione Basta Calcare

Basta Calcare

Removes limescale from all surfaces

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Reviver Products

confezione Splenditenda


Curtains renovator

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confezione Atlantic


Perfumed deodorising detergent

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confezione Bagno San

Bagno San

Detergent for all bathroom surfaces

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Stain Removers

confezione Smacchia Cotto

Smacchia Cotto

Removes grease stains from earthenware

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confezione Smacchia Grès

Smacchia Grès

Stain remover for porcelain stoneware

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Wax Removers

confezione Decer Queen

Decer Queen

Floor wax remover

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confezione Parquelux


Self-shining protective wax for parquet floors.

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confezione Queen cb13

Queen cb13

Self-shining anti-slip wax for earthenware.

  sheet online  

confezione Queen Parquet

Queen Parquet

Neutral wax for parquet

  sheet online  

confezione Queen Resin

Queen Resin

Specific wax for resin floors

  sheet online  

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06 Ottobre 2016
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test news Home care

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web portal

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