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Metals treatment

Metal Protective (Long-term)

confezione Protector 121

Protector 121

Colourless dry film protector for metals

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confezione Protector 506 VA

Protector 506 VA

Long-lasting waxy protector for metals

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Metal Protective (Medium-term)

confezione Protector 111 VA

Protector 111 VA

Oily film protector for metals

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confezione Pulgol


Deoxidizer and rust remover

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confezione Pulgol 8

Pulgol 8

Pickling flux for stainless steel

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confezione Pulgol bg

Pulgol bg

Acid pickling and deoxidizer agent for metals

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confezione Disoxil Spray

Disoxil Spray

Flux polish for all metals

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06 Ottobre 2016
test news Home care

test news Home care

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new web portal

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